About Nathan

Nathan Bradshaw is a Software engineer from the heart land (Missouri). When Nathan Left the his home after highschool, he lived in the Dominican Republic for 2 years where he learned how to speak a butchered version of the Spanish Language. After his two years serving others in the Caribbean, he went on to study Software Engineering at BYU Idaho. During his time in Idaho he fell in love with a girl named Brenda and Electrical Engineering. Sadly he only married one of those things. After graduating from the University, Nathan went on to do an internship with a small tech startup, which later led him to apply and begin working for Midwestern Interactive as a Full-Stack Engineer. Although he feels proficient in Web technologies, he has a yearning to break out of that space and move on to his long lost love Electrical Engineering. This blog will serve as a way for him to express those skill as he grows in the space, along with creating a public image for himself.

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